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  • You’ve had Ethiopian food before, and you like it---- Or, you’ve always wanted to have some Ethiopian food at home for a change. Well, why not?

Adey Abeba LLC hopes to become a pioneer in bringing an Ethiopian market of high quality Food itemsto the average North American consumer, while commanding customer loyalty as a result of its sustainable business and manufacturing model, and the value it will place on quality and consistency.

Special Item : WOT

Getting ready for making wot at home. What shall it be, lamb or chicken? It has to be made from scratch, and slow cooked, of course.. Do we have the qoolait, or shall we begin with the onions? Going to need a lot of time and energy if bracing to make the qoolait so late in the prep Enjoy, one way or another. If you're local, give us a shout, for the qoolait, or the wot for that matter!.


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Very soon Ethiopian food will rule the world...so wash your hands and get set

THE large round dish is big enough to cover the width of the table, its woven round wicker “hat” covers the plate - adding to the intrigue of what is hiding underneath, giving off this heavenly aroma, thick with spices. When at last it is uncovered you can see that the tray is covered in a sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture.


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Nice Easter dish... not too heavy for a fasting belly. Sauteed beef (from Stillman's) with fresh herbs, onions and different veggies. Some mitmita to spike spiciness without drowning out flavor, and you're all set! Enjoy !!!

Best eaten with injera!

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We will manufacture locally sourced (whenever possible) easy to prepare food items, ingredients, or prepared Ethiopian dishes.


We believe that making some of the prepared ingredients more accessible and less complicated to the average consumer,  by offering our products in retail outfits will allow people to try their hand at making their own dishes when they feel like it.


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